CONTENT RATING IS SAFE: No worries, this site is safe! My MPT website parameters are established to be inclusive with PG14 guidelines, so enjoy our developing website.  Soon to be available is the long awaited, professionally Manufactured MPT-60L Disability Aided Device.  

Please  remember, be attentive to your surroundings when viewing MPT Website with the much younger readers hovering around you.  My Personal Touch does NOT contain adult explicit content, but it is about real and personal adult issues and discussions, this is not for their reading.

You can always contact me directly for additional information and custom order requests. 

I'm William, The Inventor of My Personal Touch, LLC Wellness Devices Products, all rights reserved.


MPT is designed for Tandem and Individuals Male and FEMALE


Welcome to My Personal Touch, or simply, MPT. Let's get right into what we are and why this issue desperately needed to be addressed? The MPT and all forthcoming devices, adaptors, and accessories are specifically intended to resolve the most common interferences and restrictions by Adult Novelties that prevent many with disabilities a satisfying and natural intimate moment, either with yourself, or with a partner.


Adult-X type of content? We don't do that here at MPT.  We are a developing Disability Specialty Product Line that creates mechanical (non-electrical) devices to meet the many challenges in the various forms of physical limiting disabilities, commonly associated with the existence of amputations, limb abnormalities, and other muscular compromises.  When a detailed novelty is used to represent the Unit support accessory, you will see "Content Advisory" at the top of that section and even then, it's just the novelty.  Do we have fun in some of the creative ways we explain the MPT, absolutely we do and even then, we are always appropriate and never use any harsh words. 

I'm William, the inventor and you'll meet me and my team coming up shortly.  

I accomplished this by developing a single device of mechanical means that is so diverse, that when used with your required accessories and if needed, a required assisting adaptor, it can be enjoyed lying down, standing up, in a chair, in the limits of a wheelchair, a medical bed, with a partner, with just yourself, the unit is silent and non-electrical, tandem shared, safe sex in its use, and you can actually keep going from there with the possibilities...and then there's still so much more?  

The requirement to activate the function of the MPT Device is the ability to propel the extension handle with your desired amount of movement. If that requires a specialized adapter to meet your needs and if you know you can use it and it can be done, I can find a way!  No worries, that is what MPT does...I'm good like that. 

For far too long so many precious people with varying disabilities become discouraged and over time lose or have lost, their confidence for intimacy, regardless of being single or having a partner? Arguably, these lack of options are partially caused by failure of public interest to solve this complex and very personal issue.  Why does that need to change?  Why resolving this personal issue IS being changed by MPT?  Check back to this precise location on this page for my discovery into failed public interest and the needed development of My Personal Touch, LLC.  There is a great deal of interest on this topic...please check back soon.  

I've seen the attachments that adapt a basic novelty out on the market and they don't work for what the vast majority of people with limited, compromised, or restricted mobilities, are actually able to use with satisfying results.  Just another wasted dollar from your pocket. This is what I did differently from all of the others...I actually cared about this issue...and then figure it out! After numerous designs and testing, I made something that actually works and can be continually developed and possibly adapted to an individual's constantly changing disabilities, or additional needs? 

I never allow the perceived or established lack of public interest stack limitations on discovering answers to this forgotten issue that I was seeking.  My ongoing discoveries always give way to new ideas I am able to create, and by reaction, will help so many not given the quality of life they deserve, and specifically involving the taboo topic of sexual needs and the disabled, a better quality of life. It was time to assist in helping to give back some or much of that lost ability and control, back to meet their own personal needs.   MPT is here. 


When you're ready to order your MPT, we'll make sure you have enough information to figure out what works best for you.  That's right, just let us know your specific requirements and we'll help figure out what special adaptor(s) you may need?  If it's not in our inventory, and if possible, I will Invent an accessory for you, then have an amazing rock'n Manufacturing Team equipped with the best equipment, minds and abilities...get it made!  Just think, your specific and unique need, will then become an accessory that is part of our inventory to provide help to someone else that has the same or similar requirement? Not only was that always the plan with MPT, but that's just way cool!

Here are just a few of what we see are the most common obstructions found in the majority of personal Novelties on the market today...

Clink on the MPT-60LT to meet the Inventor, Designer, and your Ambassador.

Clink on the MPT-60LT to meet the Inventor, Designer, and your Ambassador.

MPT Wellness and disability Devices will always be ready

Novelty Supports Fail

ALL MPT Devices will provide the secure holding of your own personal vacUlock or suction, and vibrator-style novelty in the positions that you want and where you want, until the job is done! The patent pending MPT, adapters (pp), and accessories will work for most all these style Novelties and can be used in so many different positions.  Don't lose that moment again!

NO Electricity Needed

NEVER again will no power outlet, dead and dying batteries, or no extension cord keep you or you and your partner from having that earned private time when you want to...ever again!  My MPT series of non-electrical devices only need you to get the job completely done! 


Nothing ruins that private moment or memory faster than when you've discovered your personal electric or battery-powered Novelty has told the WORLD of your private business! My MPT devices are designed to be nearly silent and glide to near perfection. So the only noise concerns...may just be coming from you or you and your partner's MPT ENJOYMENT!

Having 3, Safely keeping it 2

Many couples find it wonderful to experience all that can be offered by another joining in their private times of pleasure, but can also be very risky. For others, that is an experience they too want to enjoy, but know they probably never will. Until now! MPT Devices allow for the third person experience, without the dangers that can come with the 3rd person. So, enjoy the moment!

Safe Sex for Everybody

When the desire to have an intimate experience with a new Partner is compromised by an individual disability, either from a physical limitation or biological constraint, ONLY the MPT series can prevent cross-contamination and without losing desired position diversity.  MPT provides confidence and trust, simply because touching isn't required for gratification? That's up to y'all?. 

Traveling MPT-40S

As promised and by demand from MPT Clients for the single use, compact travel size MPT-40S, we're moving forward in completing the final design touches and then ready for manufacturing. This MPT is designed for only one user and nicely compact for easy travel. The 40S will still be able to receive all the same novelty attachments, as all MPT devices are interchangeable.

Upcoming information from the Designer and Ambassador MPT

Soon, we'll be providing answers to commonly asked questions relating to: MPT uses, colors, maintenance requirements, customizing MPT for you or you & your Partner, how it works for specific Individuals and couples?

Low cost upgrades to every MPT device provided with your FIRST purchase!

Equally important, all answers come from Amb.MPT himself! So, to our more adventurous Clients, send questions to for inclusion and notification.

Enjoy your MPT!

The first non-electric Single or Tandem Safe Sex Machine

Having Safe Sex is now more satisfying than ever thought possible.

The My Personal Touch MPT-60L is our first Lightweight Manufactured model that started from the 80R and 100XL, that's our Prototype, but Original handmade Oak Wood and Steel leg structure is ready and designed for single use or for one to three people to have an amazing shared sexual experience and specifically, to leave the amount of touching completely up to you and your partner(s).

Let the MPT help create the fun you've always wanted and  

with users each having their own novelty, the possibility of cross contamination becomes nearly eliminated. 

Since the MPT can be operated from both ends and used in the stationary position or in reciprocating mode, one person operates and the other is along for the ride. 

The MPT lets you discover new ways to have amazing sexual experiences, safely and with confidence.  

You will be relishing the ecstasy, enjoying the moment and riding the wave you create and at your own speed.

The MPT will leave you, the two of you, or all of you, not only incredibly satisfied, but dreaming of your next encounter with the MPT. 

All MPT Units are for everybody. Just order your personal novelty in vacUlock style or suction Cup.  Choose the adapter you need from our Accessories page (coming soon) or specify when ordering for the MPT-80R/100XL.  The MPT-60L full selection will be coming soon, so please check back..

REMEMBER, the MPT is operated by your own "Personal Touch," so dead batteries and distant electrical outlets, and NOISE are never a concern again. MPT is a Wellness device for your own Personal needs.

The Original Oak MPT-80R is still the favorite for most MPT users. Always handcrafted in Louisiana

The Original Oak MPT-80R is still the favorite for most MPT users. Always handcrafted in Louisiana

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