Much more to come, but Here's some tips when using your MPT

This is for MPT-80R custom Oak Owners. MPT-60L will have a separate Page. Enjoy!


Before you and/or your partner indulge yourself, take a few minutes to prepare for your experience.

Pillows, towels, lubricant, lighting, music, aromatherapy or incense, water or another beverage, anything that makes YOU more comfortable.

Set up your MPT in your preferred space.

Choose your desired position

Place towel underneath where novelty item may touch any area besides your body.

Place pillows where needed to provide comfort and elevation

Assume desired position 

Adjust height and handle length for ease of penetration

Lubricate yourself and novelty item liberally

Guide novelty item with handle for depth and speed as desired by you and/or your partner

Now, relax and enjoy this moment.

MPT is designed for rapid set-up and break-down.  Clean novelty items and MPT after each use.