My Personal Touch is about your own health & wellness

Here is a little on the fun side about the MPT Series


My Personal Touch is exactly as it sounds-- personal. The MPT is a Health and Wellness device that provides a new and unique self-gratification experience, while also providing a truly amazing SAFE SEX option equipped for tandem use, never developed before...and only powered by your own direct movement. 

No Adult Novelty can give back and do for you or your partner what the MPT can. You will not find anything like this in an Adult Novelty Store, this is more personal. Electrical and battery units have their use, but they’re very expensive, noisy, and have very limited options for disability users.

The MPT allows you to have an amazing intimate experience with another and never touch each other, if that’s what you choose to do?  If a more extreme style of touching is what you want, now you can fulfill that fantasy and safely without the third person.  You will experience for the first time a moment of heightened intimacy provided by the actions of your own specific and coordinated movements...and still keeping it just between you and your partner!!  

Yes, this is for you or you and another. The options for positions will probably give you an experience you may have never had before. You can actually have a sexual experience without having to make contact, but you get ALL the enjoyment allowed by your own personal touch. It works just by using your hand to activate the MPT.  One person operates and the other is along for the ride…then switch operators for another round! Whatever you’re doing with your movement goes directly to your novelty. You’ll feel everything…and so will your partner!

For the first time your intimate fantasies can come true, alone or with someone else. There are several versions of the MPT, some shown and others coming soon. The good news is, when you buy your first Original Wood and Steel MPT or the new Manufactured 60L, the support structure that comes with it will fit the other new MPT units. They are all designed to connect to your original supports, adapters and accessories, greatly reducing your cost for an upgrade to another unit.

It was quickly discovered after building the Oak prototype and having several clients test them out, it was clearly expressed that this was the most incredible experience in personal gratification they ever imagined possible and when complete...beyond satisfied! That's when I knew the designed needed to be finished and adapted for its intended clients, those with disabilities. Go see our Model Videos on YouTube to view a sample of what this amazing machine will do for you…and all the new exciting and amazing ways you or you and your partner will create using the MPT. 

REMEMBER…MPTs range in price from $149.95 to $649.95, and soon only range from $149.95 to $349.95, so find the one that’s best for you, add your accessories, and it’ll come shipped to you totally discreet, ready for quick assembly and ready to go! 

All MPT units can be equipped to use most any of the various adult vacu-locking and suction style novelties, but unlike other manual and electrical type machines currently listed on the market, it specifically allows for single AND tandem use. One of the most important qualities about all MPT Units, they're virtually silent. Electrical systems are fragile, very expensive (more effective ones range from $500-$1600 and have very limited positional use) and don't offer the option to share the experience.

MPT 80L is Made of Steel and Oak wood and the 60L is a lighter version; the only moving part is operated by the operator’s hand, numerous positions to adjust to and can be half the cost of other's high-end systems. 

The MPT puts the art of pleasuring yourself back into your hands and body., finally removing the uncontrolled options of electrical devices that limit your ability to endure the aggression you would like to have for the smooth and controlled motion for stimulating and erotic orgasms. 

Adjust to numerous desired positions with no electrical parts, only a single moving part that can only be agitated by the operator’s hand. All adjusters are large knobs for easy adjustment. Gives those with disabilities other options for self-gratification where there may be no other choices available to them. Designed also for the elderly and their needs.

Operator can use without excessive noise, electrical services, and with the advantages of low cost compared to other devices, the ability to use with another person, the ability to support lower body parts, and the ability to sit, stand, lie down and use any common 5-15 lb. wrist/ankle weights to stanchion device in-place, where others don't.   

This invention is an improvement on what currently exist on the known market. All others are electrical, but none are dedicated to design for use by those with specific disabilities.  


Electrical is not an option for those with privacy issues due to noise; they are very weak structurally, and very expensive. 

On the original oak wood MPT, the only moving part of the MPT is activated by the operator’s hand with numerous position options, and at nearly one-half the cost of others.  

What does this machine do?  It adapts novelties for both men and women.

1. Unlike suction cup novelties, the MPT will hold your Vac-U-lock style device which then allows you to maneuver your body as fast and at the angle you choose to provide the maximum pleasure… where others will fail by not having the holding capabilities or power to operate at a pleasurable pace and/or speed that only you can determine, as it should be.   YES, you can choose a suction cup adapter if that is your preferred choice. However, no adapter can keep it from falling off after a period of time during use, and have the same holding abilities for more aggressive use.  You may consider taking this opportunity to change style with your new MPT purchase.  Amazon has amazing choices. 

2. Sometimes having a sexual moment with another is more risk-taking due to the possibility of failure by condoms and other shared devices. This does not allow for such cross contamination unless you allow it.  Having a partner sharing on one side of the MPT and you controlling the device, means the other is along for the ride. The operating handle then easily transfers to the other side for reverse play or simply order two handles and have your own. That’s exciting and very fulfilling.


3. The limit of configurations the MPT can be used for is mostly limited by your desires and imagination. The leg supports not only do as intended for that purpose, but they can be used for additional height and stability for other uses to accommodate your desired locations and needs. 

4. Unlike other devices, the Original MPT is made with an oak body and steel leg supports (or choose a support in other material coming soon.)  This can be weighted down by simple dumbbells or ankle bag-weights commonly found around your home or at your local sporting goods store. By having this type weighting system, nothing ever appears out of place to an outside viewer. The unit can also be broken down for storage in the MPT case.


5. Self-gratification is an art that with the MPT offers a completely new experience that you have never felt before and can only be provided by your own motion and action. After all, it is your body and you know it best...the MPT will most likely be a very unexpected experience that is only defined by AMAZING! 

Once you adapt to the use of the MPT through your own personal moments, you then have an opportunity to share it with a partner in ways you’ve never thought possible. The instructional video provided by Ambrosia is amazing, but cannot reflect the specific hand and/or body movements that you will inject into the operation of the unit, thus lifting you to another level of sexual experience. 


REMEMBER…you can always request a custom MPT. Maybe you want a longer range of motion (7” to 12”), or a multi-way model, longer legs, wider leg supports. If you are thinking of something and want to know if it’s possible, send us an email and let’s  discuss the construction of your Own custom MPT.

First…Determine if your current novelty will work with the Vac-U-lock style or suction cup. Many times it’s discovered not to be sufficient for your "new needs." The MPT will take you to new levels and the use of a NEW novelty is most recommended.   

 The MPT 60L Concept Model being shown is not the final version. Check back soon and we'll have an amazing CG video showing how it operates, several color options, and all required accessories, including our Patented MPTvLock and MPTsCup,  Our Patented MPTvLock and MPTsCup Novelty holders shown on our Accessories page are for both style novelties, options for Males and Females will also be available.   

If you have a specific question about the MPT, please contact us. Attention: “MPT Designer."  Enjoy your new MPT and the service doesn't stop after you buy, we keep working to insure your complete satisfaction and always inventing to keep developing and meeting your own personal needs.

®™ Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off

®™ Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off

Our NEW Lightweight MPT-60L is for Everybody to ENJOY!

The MPT Adaptors and Accessories are a far more efficient product in providing greater development in material, ease of use, and functionality than what is currently on the market today.  

Intimacy limitations are Personal and mpt keeps it that way!

There are currently several options in sizes available in the 80R and 40s legs and oak body, this video give an idea of what they are.  remember, ALL parts from the manufactured model are interchangeable with either the Oak or the 60L, that includes leg assemblies, attachments, and Patented Actuator Shaft.  Enjoy.