Original Oak and Steel MPT-80R

The Original OAK MPT-80R

What is My Personal Touch?

  • My Personal Touch, LLC was founded to provide solutions and answers involving the intimate needs of individuals and couples suffering from various disabilities and other ICR (Intimate Contact Restrictions) limitations that prohibit or reduce the performance and ability for a healthy personal life. The desire for greater options in achieving personal intimacy that is sustainable, for singles or couples, often without permitting direct physical contact due to physical limitations, infirmity, and/or conditions that prevent various forms of fluid contact between two individuals, is desperately lacking on the market today and simply just nonexistent.  NOT ANY LONGER!  Our MPT line is the World’s first and only disability assisting safe-sex device that helps return a healthy personal life to many. Most amazing, it’s designed for two. 

Handcrafted in Louisiana

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